In A Nutshell

Singer-Songwriter Sharon Bousquet touches every sacred thing with senses blazing. Teacher, poet, writer, musician, photographer and more, the arts are clearly home. With seven albums of original music and many more to come, Bousquet continues to build on a gift for words, powerful vocals and deep skill on the acoustic guitar. Sharon's music has been licensed for use in numerous films and promotional videos, including Cosmic Radio (2021), Vertical (2019) and Life Before Fairfield. 

The Sugar Maples, a new venture for Bousquet, is a trio of talented women writers, singers and players including Sharon Bousquet, Erin Magnin and Skyler Cumbia. Both Erin and Sky play the violin and guitar, as well as being fine singer-songwriters. All 3 of them have albums to explore, purchase, share and stream. The trio's growing fan base is clamouring for a Sugar Maples record. Stay tuned as the year unfolds.