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**Please check back here in early April for an updated version of sb.com. Until then:  I'm playing The Kennett Flash on Saturday, March 26th at 7pm, and the Center for Spiritual Living Delaware on Sundays, April 6th and 13th at 10:20 a.m. The Flash shows are BYOB, CSL Delaware services are open to all. A few private shows/house concerts are on the calendar as well as a possible festival or three this summer. MUCH more to come...

March 22, 2023 News & Notes
The onset of spring is always a joyous time. Living in the North Wilmington town of Arden offers many perks, with one of my favorites being the abundance of trees and the birds that call them home. Crack your window open as the day begins and marvel at the symphony of sounds coming from the canopy above you. It's simultaneously exhilarating and soothing, riotous and uplifting. What a blessing. 

My first experience of an Arden spring was in March of 2020. I had left my home in Lewes the week that the pandemic began, not knowing that everything I had come to Wilmington to create was not going to happen. I moved in with my sister on Hillside, a mere 500 yards from a magical path into the woods along the stream, boulders strewn among the leaf litter and wild flowers beginning to bloom. I walked every day, taking time capsule pictures, lying on the flat stones grieving. Those woods held me as my heart expanded and contracted repeatedly with the mental chaos many musicians were finding as an unwelcome helpmate on a years-long journey to a new and better life. 

Now, a full 3 years later, my life looks nothing like it did then. It is infinitely better funded, filled with love and excitement for the future. The balancing act of working a job, playing music and having down time to enjoy my friends, family and home is even-ing out. I'm grateful every single day for all of it - even the Great Pause that caused me to rethink my life and choose a better version of it that better feeds my heart.

Be well, friends! See you at a show or in the forests of Arden one day soon. 

December 15, 2022

‘Tis the season, and I feel blessed. The music that comes around in December is some of my favorite music to sing. My heart is happy! 

I have fully enjoyed having weekly work on Sundays in N. Delaware, Jersey and lower Delaware. Now the turning inward time begins. I will take a sabbatical from traveling to Long Neck DE to avoid the winter weather and take an extra day off each month to write, study music online, and focus on my inner life. As it should be: winter is the quiet time of year. 

Enjoy your winter whiteout and take n all the blessings, dear ones. Life is such an incredible gift. NOW is everything! 🙏🏽

Feb. 2022 News & Notes
Hi all! Sharon here. It's been almost two years since the quarantine began. Clearly live performance took a back seat for me and many others, as my last update here was almost a year ago. Time is more whacked than usual, and I have a feeling it's going to stay that way. In-the-moment living is an even bigger yes now. 

I got a bit of interesting news recently concerning two films in which I have a lot of music. They are both currently streaming on Roku and Amazon Prime, with some exciting possibilities ahead. Check out Cosmic Radio (independent feature with environmental themes and quirky characters, set in a radio station), and Vertical (independent feature in the chick flick realm). It's been a meandering road, but I'm still on it! Hope springs eternal, indeed.

I continue to serve as the Music Director for CSL Delaware in Yorklyn, DE - and on Zoom these days. Performing with them first and second Sundays monthly has been the touchstone for my musical soul. Feel free to join us on our FB page (CSLdelaware) Sundays at 10am for guided meditation, 10:20 for live music. The service starts at 10:30am. This is a teaching center in the New Thought tradition, meaning mindfulness, practical spirituality, social justice, diversity, community, love and hugs. I have missed those hugs during Zoom time! We return to in-person Sundays on March 6th. www.centerforspirituallivingDE.com for more.  

Well folks, my day "off" is slipping away, so I'm outta here to clean my house. Hoping to be more present online this year, at the same time I want to get my FB addiction under control. Oy.
May 2022 be an open, expansive, abundantly appreciated year for us all. 

March 2021 News & Notes
 It's been a full year since the quarantine began - at least for those of us in the northern half of the East Coast,
USA. So much has happened in those 12 months - nothing, and so much! I can smell the fresh, spring air as the
call of the road builds from a whisper to a roar. For the first time in almost 30 years, I haven't seen my sons in a year and a half. Unfathomable! And so, as I become fully vaccinated and our world opens up to us once more, I will be out among you. Iowa and Texas, friends and family: either come to me or I'm coming to you!

2020 News & Notes
"Keep fresh before me the moments of my High Resolve, that in fair weather or in foul, in good times or in tempests, in the days when the darkness and the foe are nameless or familiar, I may not forget that to which my life is committed."   -- Howard Thurman

Update October 2020 - If you are still holding your breath, it's time to try another tack. Maybe check out Wim Hof and his remarkably healthful breathing and methods that strengthen mind and body in remarkable ways, especially our immune systems. He's an official badass. We all need tools, especially these days. That is one huge upside to quarantine 2020 - the clarity that comes when life falls through the floor. That ants-eye perspective has made me beyond clear and committed to daily spiritual practice. Without it, my mind and my life get WAY too squirrel-y WAY too often!

This past month has seen some real, live and in person SHOWS on my calendar! WOW!! So much appreciation and gratitude for the people who came out masked and distanced for these gigs. May there be more!

August 2020 - If you are holding your breath, sigh. Push all of the air out until you are an empty bellows. Wait just a second before pulling in a belly-full, then lungs full of clean air harvested from your perch on your deck or in your yard or the woods or just by sticking your head out your bedroom window. Breathe. It's so important. This is a note to myself.

Very little music-related news other than to say that I am finally writing. Assessing what aspect of music-making is best to focus on for the next 18 months - my time guestimate of how long it will be before we can easily sing live, teach in person, and travel cross-country on tour or to visit loved ones. It's a new life, it's a new day. I'm turning the page.

Update May 2020 - I have been living in Arden during the pandemic and hopefully beyond, an artist's heaven in North Wilmington, DE. This return to my roots and the town where I grew up has brought so much love and rightness to my inner world. I am with family, sharing the craziness and wondering what comes next and when. My spiritual community at CSL Delaware is such a blessing. My loving friends the same. Even weekly reaching across the miles via Jackbox.tv to play online games with my kids out west is a beautiful balm. I miss them so much it is a breath-stopping ache. Then I remember that this, too, shall (very likely) pass. OK, yes, my certainty has been shaken. Working on it.


For those in the Wilmington/Newark DE area, I play first and second Sundays monthly at the Center for Spiritual Living Delaware (.com) where I serve as the Music Director. If you consider yourself "spiritual rather than religious", you may find a sweet home with us. Online services with guided meditation, live music and thoughtful talks to take into your week happen here: www.facebook.com/CSLdelaware. #CSLdelaware. 
If Spirit-mindedness isn't your thing,  click on the "shows" tab to see the  calendar. It might be empty,
what with the toll of Covid 19 on live music and vocal lessons, but there are online concerts to enjoy.
One day, we will be in the same room again. I cannot wait.

BUY Sharon's Music Straight From the Artist   Paypal.me/sharonbousquet

$15 per CD or 2/$25. Digital albums are $10 directly from us here at Love Buzz Music. Sharon's discography (titles with an asterisk* are available both digitally and as CDs): Ricochet*, Temple*, How Spirit Sings*.
Earlier gems available in digital form:  Mirror, Mirror; Stormy Heaven; Live in Texas.
Single songs are $1 each as an enhanced digital download.

2019 Nutshell: Moved from MD to the DE beaches for love and a beautiful life. A lot of both came true. Photos
of life at the beach are seen throughout this site, and are available as prints.

2018 Nutshell: Moved from PA to MD for a year of life on a small farmette. Sweetness and one mischief goat.
Played fests and fairs, house concerts, wineries and churches in the tri-state area and the Midwest. Music festivals  and SisterSpace in the fall, where this happened:

SisterSpace Nominates Sharon Bousquet for the Inaugural Virginia Giordano Memorial Fund
Here is what Jo-Ann McIntyre, SisterSpace Board President, shared with us about Virginia and the fund:  
"Virginia was one of the most prolific producers of women's music. She shaped the women's music movement in NYC and beyond. Her influence on local and national artists and the music scene was incalculable. Since her untimely passing in 2014, there has been a wish to create a foundation or fund that would help to continue her work and honor her legacy. We are finally able to bring that dream to fruition in conjunction with the Virginia Giordano Memorial Fund and SisterSpace Weekend Women's Festival.  

I am grateful and so appreciative of Virginia's work over many years, of SisterSpace for providing women-only spaces that create community, offering opportunities to share our complex and fruitful lives with one another. Thank you!!

Quote of the Moment: 

"It is so often true that the hands of the almighty are found to be working
at the end of our own arms..."


If you need something that isnt on the new site yet (like more video or press) Click the pic for my Reverbnation page.

Date Event Location
Sharon Bousquet Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE
(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04) CSL Delaware House Band/Vocal Ensemble Sunday at CCArts Center for the Creative Arts, Yorklyn Center for the Creative Arts, Yorklyn
Sharon Bousquet Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE
(EST, UTC-05) (EST, UTC-05) CSL Delaware House Band/Vocal Ensemble Sunday at CCArts Center for the Creative Arts, Yorklyn Center for the Creative Arts, Yorklyn
Sharon Bousquet Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE
Sharon Bousquet Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE
Sharon Bousquet Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE
Sharon Bousquet Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE
Sharon Bousquet Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, Yorklyn, DE

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