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2020 News & Notes
 Hold onto your knees, people - 2020 is here. So is the novel coronavirus. I am gathering tools to help me to remember to breathe. Relax. Focus on what is wanted. Be bold in dreaming, smart with my time, humble and present all of the time. I have never been offered more opportunities than in this past year, to feel fears and anxieties that I can now name. The first step, accomplished. I've never been given such effective tools with which to choose wisely my way in the world. I hope you, too, are finding the tools, the shoulders to cry on and the space in our busy world to hug a tree, keep a journal, sit with other brave humans and share honestly the challenges of this unprecedented time here on earth. Prayers for us all.

Update May 2020 - I am living in Ardentown during the pandemic and hopefully beyond, an artist's heaven in North Wilmington, DE. This return to my roots and the town where I grew up has brought so much love and rightness to my inner world. I am with family, sharing the craziness and coping with wondering what comes next and when. My spiritual community at CSL Delaware has been such a blessing. My loving friends the same. Even weekly reaching across the miles via Jackbox.tv to play online games with my kids out west is wonderful. And... oh, to actually HUG PEOPLE AGAIN! I canNOT wait.  


Those in the Wilmington/Newark DE area, I play first and second Sundays monthly at the Center for Spiritual Living Delaware (.com) where I serve as the Music Director. If you consider yourself "spiritual rather than religious", you may find yourself at home with us.  If Spirit-mindedness isn't your thing,  click on the "shows" tab to see the  calendar. Taking a break from a full performing calendar and the booking beast has been good for my clarity. I'm excited to return to more music in 2020 and an expanded teaching schedule, too.  

BUY Sharon's Music - Straight From the Artist   Paypal.me/sharonbousquet
$15 per CD or 2/$25. Digital albums are $10 directly from me. Sharon's discography (titles with an asterisk* are available both digitally and as CDs): Ricochet*, Temple*, How Spirit Sings*. Earlier gems available in digital form:
Mirror, Mirror; Stormy Heaven; Live in Texas. Single songs are $1 each digital download. <3

2019 Nutshell: Moved from MD to the DE beaches for love and a beautiful life. A lot of both came true.
2018 Sweet Stuff: SisterSpace Nominates Sharon Bousquet for the Inaugural Virginia Giordano Memorial Fund

Here is what Jo-Ann McIntyre, SisterSpace Board President, shared with us about Virginia and the fund:  
"Virginia was one of the most prolific producers of women's music. She shaped the women's music movement in NYC and beyond. Her influence on local and national artists and the music scene was incalculable. Since her untimely passing in 2014, there has been a wish to create a foundation or fund that would help to continue her work and honor her legacy. We are finally able to bring that dream to fruition in conjunction with the Virginia Giordano Memorial Fund and SisterSpace Weekend Women's Festival.  

I am grateful and so appreciative of Virginia's work over many years, of SisterSpace for providing women-only spaces that create community, offering opportunities for sharing our complex and fruitful lives with one another. Thank you!!

Quote of the Moment: 

"Keep fresh before me the moments of my High Resolve, that in fair weather or in foul, in good times or in tempests, in the days when the darkness and the foe are nameless or familiar, I may not forget that to which my life is committed."   -- Howard Thurman


If you need something that isnt on the new site yet (like more video or press) Click the pic for my Reverbnation page.

If you need something that isnt on the new site yet (like more video or press) Click the pic for my Reverbnation page.

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